Benefits of buying repossessed houses


There are many benefits to buying a repossessed house or flat. You can make a return on your investment quickly. Repossession means that the process is streamlined and easy, so you won’t have to wait long for the title deeds. And when a bank repossesses a home (house or flat), they want to sell it as quickly as possible with minimal fuss – so you can buy a house at below market value!


How to Know if You Are Making a Good Property Investment 101

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Property investment is purchasing a real estate property with the sole intentions of making profits. This is mainly through rental income, future resale of the property or both. There are different factors that one needs to consider before beginning with a property investment. One of the factors is to make sure the investment will be profitable. There are different ways of knowing if you’re making a good property investment. Property investments for repossessed houses are always one of the trickiest investments in real estate, especially when the property has been owned by more than one person. To find out whether an investment property is good one needs to consider the below:


Property vs Treasure Assets


Knight Frank recently published their 2017 wealth report, ranking the top performing luxury investment assets.

Whilst being a property organisation, Knight Frank made an attractive case for investing in alternatives such as Classic Cars (growing 334% in 10 years) and Fine Wine (growing 192% in 10 years).

According to Lloyds Bank, property prices have been down (-7%) in the 10 years from 2006-2016.  So why does property remain, by far, the most popular investment asset?


Mistakes to avoid when investing in Real Estate

Investing in property has always felt like a solid idea over the generations, especially when the property market is in a rebound stage. Equally spread out are the losses some people have incurred due to the wrong choices and strategies. If you want real estate as a source of income and capital growth, then you have to do your share of research, homework and learning. Some of the mistakes one can make while investing in real estate include the following: (more…)

5 Mistakes Real Estate Investors Should Avoid

Investing in real estate is a paradox of sorts – it is both easy and complicated. When done with diligence, you can create a substantial investment portfolio. But if you become greedy and lose sight of realities, you end up losing everything. The subprime mortgage crisis of 2008 is a prime example of how greed destroys everything. If you are into real estate, or planning to enter one, here’s a list of common real estate mistakes to avoid: (more…)