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UK property investors set to further invest in 2023


Over 50% of property investors are set to further invest in 2023 despite the uncertainty surrounding the UK economy climate, with additional investment activity planned by more experienced investors, according to the latest survey from bridging finance broker, Finbri.

As we reported in one of our latest blog posts, 2023 is an incredibly difficult year to predict when looking at the UK property market. The uncertainty of the UK’s economic stability is now becoming an increasingly prominent factor for those operating in the real estate market, despite this, 51% of the over 1,000 property investors polled indicated that they are looking to further expand their portfolio in 2023.

Those with smaller portfolios of 5 or less properties are more likely to sell their properties in 2023 due to the increasing interest rates with nearly a quarter of all those polled with smaller portfolios stating this. Due to this, we could see an increase in investment property available which will be welcomed news to more experienced investors, with over 5 investment properties as 68% of them are planning to invest further in 2023.


What advantages does property investment provide?

As over half of UK property investors are looking to expand their portfolios in 2023, there are benefits into why they’re looking to do this, some of these include:

Capital appreciation: Property prices are predicted to drop by 5-10% in 2023 – and with many homeowners struggling to obtain a mortgage and repossessions on the rise, the increasing number of repossessed properties available on the market via will provide a prime opportunity for investors to expand their property portfolio whilst finding the best below market value deals.

Additional income:  Experienced investors will be able to take advantage of rental demand increasing in the UK where they hope to achieve high yields (the amount of rent as a proportion of the property value). Areas such as Reading, Bolton and Slough are those which are hotspots for experienced property investors in the UK.

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What this means for the repossessed property market in the UK?

More experienced investors with a wider property portfolio will look to capitalise on the increase in properties available in the UK where those less experienced are looking to sell. The uncertainty in the wider UK economy along with an increase in living costs should see an increase in repossessed properties available for investors to find the best below market deals available. Hotspots in the UK are arising for investors to gain as much return for their investments so those investing should search a variety of locations in the repossessed housing market in order to find the best deals. is a market leading repossessed property sourcing platform that has simplified the way investors access repossessed and below market value investment opportunities.

Our technology and experienced sourcing team update our real time and user-friendly database every day, saving you hours of work, money and unnecessary stress sourcing repossessed and below market value property opportunities.

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