Why Get a Mortgage and Property Investment Package?

2 In 1 Package

For anyone with money to invest, one of the go-to options for most people is property. Whether you are looking for a single property investment or are going to delve deeper with a full property investment portfolio, it’s vital you understand the sector. With money to spend, there will be no shortage of companies offering their services. Your options will be wide-ranging and varied, but it’s often beneficial to work with one company, especially when you need a mortgage too.


Renovation ideas that won’t break the bank

renovating property

One of the most important things about investing in repossessions are the renovations you do to the property once it’s yours. We recommend to read our guide on renovating repossessed properties, to learn how you can optimise every property investment you make, whether it’s been repossessed or not. However, if you haven’t got the time, here’s some quick ideas that can boost the properties value at a budget.


Everything you need to know about Japanese Knotweed

aware of Japanese Knotweeddd in property- image 1

The background:

‘Fallopia Japonica’, AKA the ‘Japanese Knotweed’, was originally located in Eastern Asia on the side of volcanoes. It was first introduced to Europe as an ornamental plant in the early 1800’s. Following an increasing understanding of Japanese Knotweed, it became recognised as one of the most quickly spreading weeds in Europe, and arguably one of the worsts plants you can possibly find in a property you reside in.