Media City, Manchester, England
Media City, Manchester, England is a market leading repossessed property sourcing agency that has revolutionised the way investors access exclusive below market value investment opportunities .

Our experienced sourcing team regularly update our real time and user-friendly database, saving you hours of work, money and unnecessary stress. Giving you, the investor, the power.

Offering high rates of capital growth and exceptional rental yields, Manchester is one of the UK’s stand-out locations for property investment, particularly the buy-to-let model. A strong regional economy, population growth and other positve socio-economic-political factors make Manchester a must consider location for repossessed property investors.

A few recently added properties in Manchester

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At we look at assets for their investment potential. Whether you are buying Repossessions, Off Plan Developments or undervalued Buy-To-Let schemes (or even wine investment!), the important thing is that you buy at good value and ensure the asset has potential for capital growth.

Property remains one of the safest areas for investors to achieve reliable and generous returns. For generations, it has remained the only asset class to perform consistently and remain resilient during turbulent economic cycles. Manchester has established itself as a significant player in the UK’s residential market, dynamically suiting the range of investment strategies that our investors undertake.


Why is Manchester’s Repossession Investment Market so desirable?

Here are a few reasons why:


Manchester is positioned as the most attractive city centre residential investment market in the UK with price growth over the next 5 years an average of 4.2% (JLL). City living has gained strong momentum over the past three years, together with an active student market, has pushed demand in both the sales and lettings markets notably higher. 

Manchester is an incredibly desirable place for a diverse range of people. Manchester’s graduate retention rate illustrates this point, with around 50% of graduates from its world-class education institutions remaining in the city to find permanent employment. With a negative ‘brain drain’ effect, the shear amount of skilled young professionals are bursting at the seems in this Northern powerhouse city. Manchester’s population is one of the youngest in the country, with around 60% of its urban population aged between 25 and 30, this provides promising signals for the future growth and development of a thriving urban environment. With mass regeneration projects such as MediaCityUK, businesses are flocking to the city and are projected to create 70,000 new jobs by 2026. These demand stimulators are playing into the hands of property investors. With large systemic supply issues, the opportunity to renovate a repossessed property that is acquired below market value, to then rent to a continuous stream of professional tenants is one the should not be overlooked.


Repossessions are an affordable way to enter the market below market value 

Whilst investors with holdings in the market have benefitted consistent capital growth, for many wishing to enter the market it has become somewhat unaffordable. This, in turn, is leading to a large number of repossessed houses in Manchester. The Guardian reported that there are nearly 15,000 new homes that have been given planning permission in Manchester and not one of them have met the definition of ‘affordable’. This has drawn a lot of criticism from the council, suggesting those on average salaries will no longer be able to live anywhere near the city centre. However, repossessions are an incredible way to afford the desirable city living that so many are searching for. 

For example, an article in Manchester Evening News gave a description of what it was like to buy a flat in greater Manchester. 28 year old, Brin Glesson, experienced that 9 out of his 13 viewings were snapped up by alternative investors before he could even make a bid. In summary, buying a property in the city of Manchester is becoming increasingly difficult due to a combination of rising prices and strong competition. 


We can help you find your next Below Market Value Repossessed Property 

If you are thinking of investing or moving to Manchester and do not wish to pay premium property or rental prices, repossessions may be the avenue for you. We can enable you to enter the housing ladder way below market value, often achieving 30% below market value savings

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Repossessed properties for sale in Manchester
Repossessed properties for sale in Manchester