Thanks for using! This is our help section where we have included a number of frequently asked questions and information to try and help solve any issues.

How to become a subscriber

If you would like to become a subscriber, you can join on this page and we would be happy to have you!

If you already have an account, to upgrade, click on this link in the navigation:


Access to the platform

If you can’t access your account, try clicking the ‘forgot your password’ section on this page, entering your email and following the instructions to change your password.


Cancelling your account

  1. Head to My Profile, login, and open the ‘Billing & Plan’ section.
  2. When in the ‘Billing & Plan’ section, click on cancel subscription.
  3. Follow the steps provided.

Can’t view properties

If you can’t view properties, you are probably not logged in to a Premium account. If you don’t have an account, you need to subscriber one here

If you have an account but can’t view properties, you need to upgrade your account by clicking ‘Upgrade’ in the main navigation and following the steps. If you have a Premium account, please log in to view properties.

If you have any issues with this or any of the above, feel free to email us your query on [email protected] for assistance.

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