Renovation ideas that won’t break the bank

renovating property

One of the most important things about investing in repossessions are the renovations you do to the property once it’s yours. We recommend to read our guide on renovating repossessed properties, to learn how you can optimise every property investment you make, whether it’s been repossessed or not. However, if you haven’t got the time, here’s some quick ideas that can boost the properties value at a budget.


3 Things To Consider When Renovating Before Selling A House

Selling a house isn’t as easy as it used to be; property prices are nosediving ever since Brexit was announced. But there are a few tricks, that help to sell irrespective of market influences, claim real estate experts. One of these is renovation. But what should you renovate and how much to spend on renovations? And considering the current market conditions, should you renovate at all? Here are three things to consider when renovating a house before sale. (more…)