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Posted on 23rd Nov, 2016

Tips for Renovating your Home on a Budget

You have gone ahead and accomplished your dream of owning a house. Congrats! But don’t think that the story ends there; this is actually when the really hard part begins. Buying a home doesn’t come easy on the pocket and you would find that you have spent quite a large chunk of your savings in acquiring the house, so it makes sense when you realise you don’t have much leftover to start on the renovation of the house. Despite whatever assurances your estate agent would have given you, there will definitely be lots needed to be done to bring the house up to scratch and into the shape that you would be comfortable in.

So what do you do when you are on a budget and need to fix up your home? Here are a few tips…

One of the ways to keep a lid on your budget is by first making a list of things that ‘need to be done’ and another list of things that you would ‘like to be done’. Now start with the first list!

There are some jobs that can be DIY (do it yourself) and there are some things best left to the professionals – unless of course if you have had training in them.

For the DIY, get some friends to join you- a barbeque and beer work great in getting friends to chip in! Also, check out prices on online websites, flea markets and auction houses as there are chances of getting better deals there before looking at the handy stores. Auctions on eBay could come in handy with great deals on things ranging from original door fittings, fireplaces, to beautiful furniture. But take the time out to check it properly, as cheaper doesn’t always mean better.

Another way of controlling costs is by keeping things simple, like using standard-sized fittings and materials. You could also be innovative and mix and match by using expensive fittings on standard items.  An example would be brassware fittings and accessories on regular sanitary ware or dressing up regular doors with expensive doorknobs! Remember what your dad used to say about ‘buy cheap, buy twice’, well now is a good time as any to apply that thought as there is a time to save and a time to spend.

Finally, don’t be a snob and think that only expensive fittings can make your house look smart; you would be surprised at what neat finishing touches can do to do-it-yourself jobs using cheaper materials. You would get your rewards when your friends exclaim on it and that’s when you can be honest, or lie….. that you got it from an expensive branded shop!

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