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Posted on 13th Oct, 2016

How To Sell Your House Quickly

Brexit and a whole lot of other factors have contributed to a slump in the country’s real estate market. In some areas, the number of property sales decreased by 8% when compared to 2015 figures, yet, prices continue to remain high. If you are worried about selling your house in this uncertain market, here’s how to get your house off the market, easily and effectively:

Cash for home buyers

Real estate investors offer to pay cash for your house. They’ll accept the place as it, i.e. you don’t have to spend on repairs, renovations, or even clean the house. The investor will take care of everything, and even offer to pay cash when closing the deal. But beware, they do not pay the complete price; you can expect around 60% of your property’s value. This isn’t ideal for you if you aren’t in a hurry, or if there’s too much junk in the house.

De-clutter the house

Before you open the house for prospective buyers, make sure that the house appears clean and well maintained for. Get rid of the excess personal stuff hidden in every nook and cranny inside the house. Prospective buyers may have a tough time imagining themselves inside the house.

A fresh coat of paint

Nothing can be more inviting than a fresh coat of paint on doors and windows. Use neutral colours to paint the wall. This makes the house look bigger and lighter as well. They also help prospective buyers to imagine themselves living in your home.

Find a good real estate agent

You will never understand the importance of choosing the right estate agent until you’ve had the misfortune of dealing with a bad one. The right agent isn’t one who heaps praises on you, but one who is forthright and does not mind telling you things that buyers may not like. A proven track record is a must.

Promote the house

The real estate is responsible for promotion, but you can do your part by spreading the word around, either through social media or speaking to people in your neighbourhood. Send the listing page to people you know.

Clean and fix repairs

An unclean house and broken fixtures don’t help to create a good impression. The kitchen and bathroom are especially scrutinized and often the ‘make or break’ focal points in a house. Mend cracked tiled, replaced door knobs and electrical fittings, and replace torn carpets. Clean tile grouts, polish bathroom fittings until they’re sparkling clean and get rid of foul odour if any.

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