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Posted on 30th Jun, 2020

6 Facts About Mortgages in the UK

We understand that mortgages in the UK may not be the most exciting thing to discuss! But they are an important thing nonetheless. And if you want to obtain the best deals then you will have more success being in the know. 

Mortgage Rates are Rarely Steady

So many real-world changes can affect the housing market which in turn affects mortgage rates. Depending on what is currently happening around the world mortgage rates can change within a relatively short space of time.


Mortgage Brokers can be Helpful

A broker will need to take a fee for their services, and that is a cost you may prefer to avoid. However, some benefits make paying that fee worth it. There are some excellent workers in the business of mortgages, going that extra mile to help match people with suitable lenders. A broker comes with some excellent mortgage advice that could be the difference between you finding a winning deal or not.

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Pay off More to Reduce Mortgage by Years

Some people may live by paying the same amount a month until the mortgage is paid off. But if someone is in a position to pay higher amounts than just the minimum asking rate from your lender, they often will because it can take off years from your mortgage.

Something you should consider is to pay off extra at the beginning and that can help pay a decent chunk of your loan off. One way to do this without taking too much of a hit in your everyday life is to use any bonus or other lump sums that may come your way, instead of eating into your normal earnings.


Don’t Just Pick the First Lender You Find

Spend plenty of time comparing the deals on offer and always remember that the lowest rates do not always mean the best deal-consider every element of the offer. Also, avoid the trap of thinking that your current bank will offer you a better deal than anyone else just because you are already with them. It doesn’t work like that.


Self-employed May Find it Harder to Obtain a Mortgage 

It’s not impossible to obtain a mortgage if you’re self-employed. You may have heard about how much harder it is for self-employed people to get a mortgage, for example, due to the potentially inconsistent rate of earnings. But if you’re self-employed do not be put off, instead find out how you can increase your chances of success with your specific circumstances, perhaps by speaking with a qualified expert.


No Credit, Not Just Bad Credit, Can Affect Your Mortgage Opportunities

Don’t forget, when it comes to applying for a mortgage an application will not be guaranteed to be rejected if the applicant has bad credit. But it will if they have no credit history.

And that brings us to the end of our blog on mortgages. Whether you are looking at a first time mortgage or you have obtained one before, we hope you found some of the facts featured in this blog to be useful.


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