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Posted on 29th Aug, 2019

Buying a Repossessed Property: Important Things to Look For

Buying a repossessed house can be of great value to your financial situation. Repossessed houses are mostly sold at a price below their market value because the auction that is selling them wants to recoup their original costs. Moreover, you will have to pay only for the legal fees and for other things of daily use that are being sold along with the house.

Here are some of the most common mistakes that people make while buying a repossessed house: 

Third-Party Repossessed Home Companies

If you research the market properly you can find a third-party company that will gather a portfolio of different repossessed homes available for purchase for you. This will then make the selection process much faster and easier as the hard work has already been completed.

Directly contact the lender

Once you find the right property, the next thing is to contact the lender. Call the lender and let him/her know that you have the credit to buy that property. By directly contacting the lender then you can negotiate a better deal.

Regularly Visit Local Auctions

Most of the local lenders sell by the way of local auctions. You should visit these auctions more often if you are looking for a repossessed house to buy. There you can find the one that suits all your requirements.

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Not using a Reputed Legal Company to Make the Purchase

It requires special legal checks while buying a property investment. If these legal checks are not considered then they can create problems for you in the long term. You must contact a reputed legal company in this regard. By not contacting a reputed legal company, you can find yourself wasting valuable time and money.

Assuming that the Seller will accept any offer due to Repossession.

If someone is going through a repossession, it doesn’t mean that they will accept the first offer made. You should make an offer that is acceptable to the seller and it can be at most 20% below the market value. If so, then the seller might think you are messing them about and not be open to any further negotiations. Which could lead to you losing the chance to purchase the property. 

Not Rechecking a Repossessed Property Before Making an Exchange

You shouldn’t hurry in making the exchange, recheck the contract and the property before the exchange. If the property and seller are right for you, they will be patient enough for you to ensure that all the paperwork is correct before the exchange is made.

In its simplest form, repossession is the process in which the bank or lender reclaim the property from the owner due to his inability to pay associated loans. So, the lender is always in a hurry to get rid of the property and get the fairest price possible. When purchasing a property, you are also opening yourself up with other possible risks.

You should keep it in mind that the bank or lender will be working for its interest and not of the seller or the buyer.


We hope that you find the information presented useful. If you are looking for a repossessed property then feel free to fill out our online form.


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