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Liverpools affordability in comparison to other key Northern regional growth areas sets it apart from other cities. With high yields and and consistent capital growth, Liverpool exemplifies some of the very best opportunities for repossessed property investment.

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In recent times, Liverpool has proved itself as being one of the top areas for property investment in the UK. In fact, Buy Assocation stated that the Liverpool postcode dominated the best buy-to-let yield areas. L7, which covers Kensington, Edge Hill and the city centre had an average yield of an impressive 12.63%. As well as having a great buy-to-let average, Liverpool’s average property price is lower than the UK average at around 105,000, making the area a great investment opportunity for those with a price range that doesn’t exceed 150,000.

Liverpool is an incredibly vibrant city and its appeal to tenants, buyers and investors continues to grow by the day. This has been spurred on by the Northern Powerhouse initiative, a plan which will continue to drive demand for property in Liverpool for the foreseeable future.

The Liverpool Echo listed the most and least expensive property sales in the merseyside area in April 2017 (both based in Liverpool), the least expensive was a repossession in Fairfield and went for 28,000. On the other end of the scale, a property in Blundellsands topped the market at 1,392,000, showing incredible diversity in the market to suit all investment strategies. 



Due to the current levels of comparative affordability in Liverpool, the capital growth potential in the city may unrivalled over the next five to ten years. Almost every part of the city has seen significant changes and it’s been a great advantage to the Liverpool property market. Everything from shopping centres, to business districts and even the dock itself has been completely reconstructed and given a new lease of life.

It is no surprise that Liverpool is considered one of the best places in the UK to invest in a buy-to-let property, with such a promising future many investors are confident in stable market that will see consistent high-yielding returns. There are 52,300 businesses across the city, 58,000 students and 30,000 graduates amongst the 902,867 strong population. With such a captive and attractive audience in the market, the supply-demand fundamentals in Liverpool are really in the investors hands.

The Northern powerhouse initiative has put a spotlight on the North as a key player in the UK’s economy. New businesses, expanding university campuses and an incredible standard of living with unrivalled leisure and recreation facilities make Liverpool a very attractive place for people to live. With strong government and large private institutional investment backing, the future certainly looks bright for this thriving city.


A Thriving City 

Being on of the most popular and internationally acclaimed cities in the UK, Liverpool’s cultural vibrancy truly gives the beautiful urban landscape a real beating heart. There is plenty of character in the city and thanks to acute regeneration it has been given a fresh new lease of life. The phenomenal city we see today is only going from strength to strength and there is no doubt that tenants and investors will continue to flock to Liverpool to reap the rewards it offers in both quality, affordable housing and high returns on cash invested.


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Repossess houses for sale in Liverpool
Repossess houses for sale in Liverpool