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Leicester has firmly established itself as a key buy-to-let investment hub in UK. Offering promising capital growth potential, the cities affordability, connectivity and economic prowess make Leicester a serious area to consider for any property investor.


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A Thriving Economy

Leicester has solid foundations within the manufacturing industry, keeping up with modern International competition and remaining one of the UK’s top producers of tangible goods.

Over the years, Leicester has developed its economy according to modern standards. Its economy has been strengthened by setting up high quality manufacturing units and thus creating employment opportunities for people from all over the country. Over 42,000 SMEs are located in Leicester that support a large and skilled workforce. As well as many start-ups and smaller firms, Leicester is home to international corporations such as Walkers, Triumph, Dunelm, IBM and Santander. These companies not only support impressive employment rates but also offer professionals competitive salaries, creating a high standard of living for those living in and around the city.

The cities economy is performing so well that it has been recognised within the “top 10 goof growth cities index” by accountancy firm PwC for the second year in a row. Performing above average across a range of measures such as new businesses, jobs, income, skills and health, the region shows incredible economic diversity that bodes well for property investors with both a short and long term strategy.



Leicester is located in the heart of the country, and is well served by incredible transport infrastructure that is only set to improve with ongoing regeneration projects. According to LLEP, 90% of the UK’s population is within a four hour drive of the city centre, accessible by four national motorways (M1. M6, M42, M69) that pass through the region.

Railway links are just as impressive, with regular 45 min travel times into Birmingham New Street, and just over an hour in London St Pancras. Three international airports surround the city, with East Midlands airport right on the cities doorstep. It is no surprise that Leicester is such an attractive place for both commercial and residential investment, being easily accessible from the whole of the UK and abroad.


Rental Yield and Capital Growth 

Relative to property trends within the UK, Leicester has sustained a good level of affordability with many low-cost property investment options available. Despite such affordability, the shortage of properties in the city and demand created from a large working and student population are projected to push prices up in the coming years. In the past 12 months alone property prices have on average increased by 3% (£7,000 based on average property prices of £250,000). With 9,600 property sales in the last 12 months, the market has showed little signs of slowing down.

The buy-to-let market in Leicester is equally as active, with many landlords acquiring large portfolios in the area to reap the benefits of such massive rental demand. Average rent in Leicester currently sits at £961 pcm, with 190 properties coming to the rental market in the last 14 days. On the whole, rents have risen by an impressive 9% over the last five years. Rents are up, and the market is booming.


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