Repossessed Houses For Sale in Doncaster
Repossessed and Below Market Value Property in Doncaster

– Doncaster has a population of 302,400.

– That’s an estimated 126,000 households.

– According to there was an estimated 9.22 repossessions for every 100,000 households In each quarter.

– This equates to a total of 46 repossessions in 2017. 

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Doncaster was one of the very few towns which had a reduction in property prices in 2017. The Yorkshire post reported that Doncaster property prices were in the red by 0.1%. Despite this being a minuscule margin, the fact the property prices have gone down at all is a somewhat unique statistic when compared to other areas in the rest of the UK. However observing recent articles regarding Doncaster’s development plans in the near future, it could indicate that it is an area which is up and coming where property is currently at the cheapest It will ever be. This is a perfect opportunity to buy a repossessed house in Doncaster and plan for a long term property investment.

Repossessed Houses in Doncaster

According to the Yorkshire post there have been plans put in place to transform Doncaster market as well as adding a library and a museum. Improvements already seem to be evident as there is new council offices, a performance venue and public square. Empire Property Groups CEO Paul Rothwell suggested Doncaster is on the up, due to brilliant road, rail and air connections, jobs being created and the town centre being rejuvenated. Mr Rothwell stated that young people will be attracted to move into the city centre where the jobs are, and unlike Manchester, London and Bristol etc the property prices are still affordable. 

A combination of low property prices and future developments have resulted in Doncaster to offer a bright prospect for investors. Furthermore, research taken from revealed there was 29 possession claims made by mortgage companies for every 100,000 households in the last quarter of 2017, one of the highest in the UK. 


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