Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol, England
Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol, England is a market leading repossessed property sourcing agency that has revolutionised the way investors access exclusive below market value investment opportunities .

Our experienced sourcing team regularly update our real time and user-friendly database, saving you hours of work, money and unnecessary stress. Giving you, the investor, the power.

Average asking prices in Bristol have increased 60% over the last decade. Strong economic growth, attractive lifestyle offerings and a thriving business scene make Bristol a hotspot for repossessed property investors.

A few recently added properties in Bristol

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At we look at assets for their investment potential. Whether you are buying Repossessions, Off Plan Developments or undervalued Buy-To-Let schemes (or even wine investment!), the important thing is that you buy at good value and ensure the asset has potential for capital growth.

There is no doubt that if investing in repossessions is something you have considered, Bristol is a great place to start. Whilst property prices are comparatively steep in Bristol, those who can afford to cash into the market can expect to capitalise on the highest demand for rental in the country and reliable long term capital growth. 


Why is Bristol such a great repossessed property investment location?

Here are a few reasons why:


Thriving Economy Dominated by ‘High-Net-Worth Industries’

The city has a highly-talented workforce that shape the thriving urban culture. With four world class universities in the region, it is recognised as having the highest proportion of well-educated citizens and the most skilled workforce of any English core city. With 80,000 jobs expected to be created between 2016-2036 by ‘High-Net-Worth Industries’ such as financial services, engineering and tech firms (Airbus, Rolls-Royce, Ovo Energy, among many others), it is a safe bet that rental demand will not be slowing down any time soon. Bristol’s startups have a survival rate of 60.6%, one of the highest in the country. With supportive infrastructure, a steady stream of top talented professionals and the areas world-class education institutions foster a climate for economic growth and prosperity.


A Booming Housing Market

Such strong economic growth and attractive lifestyle offerings have led to hyper-demand for properties in and around the city. The shortage of properties only plays into the hand of investors, particularly those looking for repossessions that are so hard to find but unsurprisingly so highly sought after. Whilst house prices are comparatively high, Bristol’s property investment market shows incredible resilience and persistent demand growth. Last year, Bristol was the most search for place on Rightmove outside of London. According to Land Registry data, the average property price in Bristol has increased more than 50% since January 2014. The data supporting Bristol’s housing market successes is endless and projections for future growth are just as impressive.


Huge Regeneration and Investment Projects on the Horizon

Bristol City Council have set forth a five year plan that will see a staggering £1 billion invested into major projects around the city. These include a £450 million urban regeneration of scheme for the former Dockland area in the city centre, aiming to enhance the already budding cultural scene with museums, galleries, shops, bars, pubs and restaurants. The University of Bristol itself plans to open a £300 million campus in the Temple Quarter in late 2021. Such regeneration only supports multiplier effects through the regional economy, making already prosperous areas more appealing to domestic and international investors.


Looking for a Repossessed Home in Bristol?


If you are looking for a repossessed property to renovate and live in, Bristol is also a great place to look. Whilst Bristol is unquestionably a fantastic place to live, rent prices are continually soaring and now may be a great time to invest into a property for yourself and contribute to mortgage payments instead of rent. If you are thinking of moving to Bristol and do not wish to pay premium rental prices, repossessions may be the avenue for you. We can enable you to enter the housing ladder way below market value, leaving plenty of money for renovations. 

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Repossessed Properties For Sale in Bristol
Repossessed Properties For Sale in Bristol