Looking for a tax saving investment?

Our partner Vin-X, is offering a special offer to invest in fine wine; a stable, tax efficient asset which is resiliant during periods of economic stress, and delivers strong long-term growth, proven to outperform traditional investments.


Vin-X are offering no fees on your first investment!

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Why Wine Investment?

✓ Exempt from Capital Gains Tax and efficient in Inheritence Tax


✓ Market beating performance


✓ Doesn't correlate with other markets so great diversification tool


✓ Tangible, safe haven asset


Why Vin-X?

✓ Market leading specialist with over £20m under management


✓ Featured in The FT, Bloomberg, CNBC and more.


✓ Dedicated, personal portfolio manager to help achieve your goals


✓ No minimum investment, Vin-X aim to make Wine Investment available to everyone

What's the offer?

Vin-X are offering zero fees on your first invesment up to £5000. 


Vin-X wants to remove the barrier to show you the benefits and returns of wine as an investment, so you become a long term client.

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