In these difficult days where the economic outlook is looking particularly tough, people are looking at ways to make their money do more for them. There are plenty of investment opportunities out there, some good, others not so much, but one of the most reliable and constantly successful is to invest in property.


If property investment is something you’ve thought about but never tried, or you’re just starting and looking to increase your portfolio, this is the post for you. 


While the price of the property may fluctuate in the short-term, it’s still seen as an attractive long-term investment, but it’s not without its risks. You must understand the market in your area and the risks associated with any investment before you start.

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Property Investment 

Property investment, at its core, is about buying property, whether it’s housing, retail units, or warehouse space that you can either resell later for more money or use to create regular rental income. Many investors opt to buy houses that are in a state of disrepair and require a degree of refurbishment. They can then carry out the work quickly, and sell it for more money, which is known as flipping. This is one of the most common ways to invest, but it’s far from the only one.


The secret to any successful investment is a simple formula. Buy low and sell high. This is something you’ve probably heard before, but it is true for all investment opportunities. So to make a profit by investing in property you need to buy a house below market value. This sounds impossible, right?


Buying a repossessed property is the most effective investment opportunity in the housing market. When a home is repossessed it will be sold quickly to recuperate the money owed to creditors. This means there are lots of properties being sold below their typical market value. If you can find one of these properties and invest, you can create a high profit from a low-risk investment.


Another viable option for those looking to invest in property is the ‘Buy-to-Let’ model. This involves buying a residential property and, instead of reselling it for a quick profit, the property is rented out so you can cover the mortgage payment and make a profit as well. There are also some tax benefits on Buy-to-Let properties which allow you to offset some costs against your tax bill.


Investing in property, more so than other opportunities such as stocks and shares, can deliver a high reward with less risk. But you need to understand your financial circumstances before you dive in. For example, your existing incoming and outgoings. This is something only you can understand. 


There is, of course, always a risk when investing in anything, not only property. However, property remains a consistently good opportunity for investors, but nothing is guaranteed. Do plenty of research, understand your local markets, speak to experts, find the right property and you may well be on your way to delivering a high return on your investment.


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